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Custom stamping sheet metal fabrication

Stamping sheet metal fabrication

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   Viewmold is an injection mold design and manufacturing supplier , in order to meet up customer's more requirements, our company set up Sheet metal fabrication factory in 2009,it is located in Shenzhen China. The new company primarily engage in fabrication of custom stamping sheet metal according to drawing, 3D model or samples provided by customer. We built a modern factory with 2000 square meters, and have more 60 precise machines. We can manufacture more 60 sets stamping molds every month, and have ability to produce 300 millions parts every day.
   Our engineers have rich experiences in sheet metal and drawing parts, the degree of accuracy reach 0.01mmĦ£
stamping factory stamping sheet metal    Our factory has 4 production lines: stamping sheet metal production line, drawing sheet metal production line, mold fabrication production line and welding production line.
   Our company can deal with anodic oxidation, Nickel plating, Cromium plating, Zinc plating, black oxidation, Electrostatic Spraying, Electro-polishing, Saponification / phosphatin, acid pickling Sand blast. We also can spray lacquer or spray plastic, the color adopt RAL or PANTO series standard.
   Our company provides mass production service for customer , also according to the customer's request to conduct an overall product design, proofing.
   Our company is committed to providing ultimate one-stop shop service and hight qualtiy sheet metal parts. As strong manufacturing capbility, advanced technical strength and implementation of strict quality control, our company established strategic partnership with more automobile production plansts, our parts are exported to Europe, CANADA and USA, and got high praise from customers.
   In the rapid changine market, if you are looking for a reliable supplier for your stamping sheet metal fabrication projects. The honoured guest! our company will be your excel trustworthy partner. Could you please contact us as Thank you!

Cooperation mode

  As advanced fully complete production equipments, our factory has enough ablility to design and manufacture various kinds of custom stamping sheet metal molds, and can finish efficiently high volume products with high quality.
  1:Small numbers sample(5-10 pieces), our factory make the sheet metal samples by CNC manufacturing. The timeline of custom sheet metal samples is 5-8 days, the cost of samples are higher.
  2:Medium numbers sample(20-1000 pieces), we'll provide it by CNC manufacturing and stamping molds. The timeline of custom sheet metal samples is 8-10 days.
  3:High volume production(more than 5000 pieces), the stamping sheet metal parts will be made with high quality long life stampling molds. The timeline of custom sheet metal samples is 12-20 days. the cost of molds is higher, but the price of part is very low.
  Our factory also provides ship services on EXPRESS, AIR ship and Ocean ship.   We welcome all old and new customers to customize sheet metal parts with samples or drawings, look forward to your inquiry, visit and cooperation.

Business scope

   Complex sheet metal parts

metal sheet manufacture metal sheet part

   Stainless steel sheet metal parts, Copper sheet metal samples, China Aluminium sheet metal.

stainless steel sheet metal parts copper sheet metal samples China Aluminium sheet metal

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